Has Anyone Ever Been Here?

Peru / Bolivia

by | May 18, 2016

July 19 ,  2015

The remoteness of our journey is intoxicating.  I want more. I want to go further out, further way from everyone and everything that I think anyone has already seen.  Every person that we meet greets us like family.

The start of the climb today continues on single lane, dirt roads that seem to switch back endlessly into the sky.  We climb for over 3 hours.  I am definitely still feeling the effects of the the altitude sickness on my body.  I am weak and lethargic and unable to eat.  Even though with the amount of calories I’m burning, I know that I must put something back…yet am unable to do so.  I’m losing weight and energy but still I push on.  Taylor on his fat bike is gradually getting stronger and pulling away for me.  Luckily half way up the final climb of the day, he gets a flat.  Luckily because I’m granted a break from chasing a guy on a 100lb fat bike.  He encourages me to continue on, knowing that at the pace I’m climbing he will surely catch me…and in short time.  I climb for about 30 minutes alone then decide to sit down and enjoy the overlook (and also not wanting to get too far separated).  In my weakened state, I’m pretty sure I blacked out while gazing over the edge looking down on Taylor changing his flat, 12 switch backs below.  About an hour later, Taylor rejoins me and we crest the top of the pass.  The road flows and undulates for another hour.  The sure euphoria of being here seems to temporarily override my illness and injects energy into my lifeless body.  We come to a junction in the road.  We can stay high and connect with a single lane pseudo paved road, which would make the final push to Cusco very easy tomorrow, or we can drop down a dirt road for who knows how far until we reach the next town…


Views like this make it easier to suffer on a climb


A small town we rolled through. No food or water to be had.


Taylor enjoying some home brew Chicha


My sleep spot while waiting for Taylor


If only there were more people…


Rolling along the top of the ridge


We came UP that


Taking it in.  The climb was worth.  If only there were more people…




The big descent

Enjoying the descent.  We earned it


Wow.  Our descent into town


Descending into town just before dusk.  Big climb out tomorrow

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