The World Spins By

A Gift of Time, Love, and the Long Bike Ride Back to Myself.


The World Spins By


Love for The World Spins By

“I got your book yesterday! I started to thumb through it as I was making dinner and ended up with a marathon reading session all evening and finished it. Fantastic book with great perspective and emotional intelligence. Your story will definitely resonate with many people.”

Michelle T.

“I finished reading your book and really enjoyed it! Your descriptions are so colorful. Clever analogies. I’ve traveled in Tibet, Nepal, and India and your experiences were so vivid they took me back!” 

– Leigh G.

“An engaging, well-written book that takes the reader along with Jerry on his journey. I enjoyed the larger message of appreciating where you are at, the people you are with, and the gift of time—when none of us are assured all the time we hope to have. Of course, the context of these messages is played out over interesting locations around the world that spurs desires for my own adventures!” 

– Michelle S.


“I have read books that were interesting but never had tears flowing through my eyes after being done reading them. Thank you for sharing your stories and the experiences you had with people and life. You really seem like a good person with a good heart.  Just wanted to pop by and say thank you.”

– Avinash M.

“I just finished your book! Wow! I mean… wow doesn’t even begin to do it justice.  I am beyond impressed by the physical effort it must have taken to travel to all of the places you did and even more touched and moved by the moments you shared with those you met along the way. The world is, for the most part, a kind, beautiful, and wonderful place. That sentiment shines through on every page. Thanks for writing this and sharing it with the world.”

– Hillary S.

Cycling the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Thorang La