Nagaland. Riding on Faith

2/2/17 – 2/6/17 Be weary of any Indian who says "just a little up". It was getting dark. We had battled valiantly through 7 hours and 80km of war, including 6k feet of climbing on an endless road that seemingly had a series of bombs dropped on it before a bull dozer...

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Arunachal Pradesh in a Month

1/22/17-1/31/17 Racing daylight, I rodeo’d my bicycle down the last few kilometers of broken road through the canyons in Arunachal Pradesh. The road was littered with loose, fist sized rocks, swimming in ankle deep sand. Below me once again lay the flats of Assam and...

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Nepal. Like An Old Pair of Slippers

December 2 – 10, 2016 Nepal. I keep waiting for you to let me down. To betray me. We all have our ups and downs. I’m fully expecting that old Lucy and Charlie Brown football trick. Yet, every day, I fall more in love you and this beautiful country. The people. The...

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The Illusion of Randomness

I scoured the website and also the Facebook page for directions to the event. To me, it was all Nepali logic. For anyone who has traveled here, you can understand. I had been messaging with the race promoter of the Kathmandu Mountain Bike Festival for several days. He...

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The World Spins By is an intimate journey of loss, curiosity, and love—recounted one pedal stroke at a time along Jerry’s two-year bicycle journey back to himself.