Jerry Kopack
Author. Speaker. Recovering Cubicle Dweller.

If You Were Given a Gift of Time, How Would You Use it?

Every person has a time bank and each day, 86,400 seconds are deposited into it. Everyone is given the same amount, without exception. The time bank won’t tell you how to spend it. Time poorly spent will not be replaced with more time. Time doesn’t do refunds. One day, you will go to your time bank and it will be empty. It will be at that moment that you know the answer to this question: ‘Did I use my time well?’

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The World Spins By.  A Gift of Time, Love, and the Long Bike Ride Back to Myself.

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One More

July 27 – Aug 2 “Call me. No Tajikistan.” was the brief and direct message I saw when I turned on my phone for the first time in nearly 1 week, a curious note from my brother Bobby back in the US. I had just come down from the mountains to a tiny village and was...

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Peaks and Valleys

July 17 - 26, 2018  A dilapidated green Lada with a cow trailer and 1 cow in tow comes lumbering and creaking down the dry and desolate road. The Lada is a ubiquitous Soviet era economy car from the 70’s and 80’s. If people think old Volvo’s are boxy and unstylish,...

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Bikepacking Kegety Pass. Kyrgyzstan